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Restocking worker
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Gender: Female Date of birth: 08/10/93 Nationality: Ukraine
Location: Prague Profession: Restocking worker Type of contract: Employment contract, Agreement on work performance, Agreement on work activity Type of employment: Full-time, Part-time, Flexible working hours


I am hardworking, sophisticated, outgoing nad result-oriented girl. I don’t afraid of any work. And I hope that I will pass all of the criteria for this position.


01/01/11 - 01/01/17

Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy

Faculty: Medicine Discipline: General medicine

Work experience

08/01/17 - 04/01/18


Position: Doctor-therapeut

Treatment of the patients.

Language skills

English Threshold or intermediate (B1)
русский Effective Operational Proficiency or advanced (C1)
українська Native speaker
čeština Breakthrough or beginner (A1)


Medicine Expert