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Plat: Od 2500 EUR Lokalita: Hlavní město Praha Profese: IT ředitel Typ smluvního vztahu: Pracovní smlouva Typ úvazku: Plný úvazek Praxe: 5 let Datum nástupu: Ihned
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Acasus works with governments around the world to transform education and public health.  As part of this work we’re building a series of Android mobile and web applications to monitor school building and recovery, help deliver vaccines, and help kids learn.

Competitive compensation based on experience.

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  • Language

    • English written and spoken

  • Android-native mobile development

    • Java and Kotlin

  • Web development

    • Node.js or similar high-level frameworks

  • Cloud computing experience with Google, AWS or similar services

  • Team-work and collaboration

  • MVC or similar approaches to software engineering


  • 5 or more years web application engineering experience

  • 5 or more years native Android mobile engineering experience

  • 2 or more years project management leadership experience with Scrum or a similar approach

  • 2 or more years cloud application engineering experience

  • 2 or more years TDD or similar test-based software development experience

  • 2 or more years cloud infrastructure management experience with AWS, Google or similar cloud services

  • Extras

    • iOS engineering experience

    • Frontend or javascript single-page application engineering experience


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